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How do I articulate this moment  In this moment: You’ll have left us You’ll have found your self In these seconds, and minutes You’ll find in yourself so rich an experience Any metric would fail to measure it     This is: Where nothing turns into something Where the manifest destiny of the cosmos meets […]

Shades of Blue

What color are your blues? Are you besieged on all sides by hues all together new Are they the shallow powdery blues that only the sky knows Or deep like the ocean, Aegean and Navy Maybe your blues are hard like stones of slate and cobalt Or maybe just maybe  You’ll be a rich blue […]


Ain’t I somebody? Don’t my blood count for nothing? Can’t I be a man without ya dogging me? Can’t I holler like the horns in the big band when the song gets real good? Can’t I stand up real tall daring the world to bring me down? Don’t I deserve to believe life ain’t just […]

Audio Versions Coming soon

I’ll be working to add audio to a select few poems on the site in the coming days. It’s my goal to provide audio for certain works in order to lend to their impact. More specifically, I’d like provide audio for works that use heavy sound devices or plosive sounds. In the meantime, keep checking back to see if your favorite poem gets an audio adaptation! Peace.

Now accepting guest submissions for poetry, short stories, and articles!

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Removing the Disguise: Where Your Passion Lies

The modern creative, whether they be painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, or musicians don’t enjoy the peace of mind that many professions provide. That’s not to say that you can’t make a living producing your own creative works, but the road is certainly more treacherous. Where many professions have clear paths to employment (specifically those involved with vocations, trades, and STEM fields) liberal arts require a considerable amount of footwork. Moreover, they train prospective practitioners on exactly what it is they intend to do for a living. The case is not quite as simple for the breed of people who call themselves creatives.  I know from first-hand experience, that passion doesn’t translate to profit.

During college I chose to study English, and while there are many jobs that look to employ English majors, they aren’t quite specific to the skills that many English majors would learn during their schooling. Jobs like copywriter, content writer, Public Relations specialists, and editors don’t exactly allow those of us got into liberal arts for the love of the art to have a particularly fulfilling work life. In my case, I’ve done the rounds on job board after job board, looking for a career path that would allow me to tap into my creative inclination for poetry and prose. But what I’ve found often, are companies looking for “excellent writers” or “Rockstar editors familiar with real estate industry”. It seems more likely they aren’t looking for English majors, rather they’re looking for advertising majors, or real estate agents who can write like English majors.

So more frequently, I’ve been forced to specialize my knowledge into niche career fields. As a result, I know far too much obscure information. SEO best practices, keyword searches, site analytics, it goes on and on, but I say all this to illustrate the need to delay self-gratification in pursuit of a larger pay-off. I’ve gone through the trouble of learning these skills for the sake of the larger dream of producing creative writing. And that’s exactly where the modern creative finds themselves. Like everything else we must evolve. Graphic designers are the new painters. Rappers are the new poets, the playwrights have been usurped by the screen play and streaming platforms, and music…well music is still music (for the most part). Sometimes what’s for you isn’t what’s easy so once you’ve found your passion it up to you to make a way.

 And I know it’s not exactly a revelation to sacrifice for your dreams but what’s most important is living a life that you can reflect on and say that not a moment was wasted. You’ll be able to say that you moved with doom bound determination towards your dreams.

I leave you with a final thought. Robert Frost preferred the road less traveled (finally using that English Degree) and if you’re reading this, the case is probably the same for you. It’s got a bit more roadblocks, and it’s a bit scarier but where it leads is sure to make all the difference.

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