Post-mortem confessions

The day I died I looked to the light.

I hang over my body as my loved ones cried.

I’d lived a good life or at least I’d tried.

I’d did my best in most regards.

I’d help others and did what was right.

At times though, I’d stray from the light.

But to be to quite honest I was absolutely flawed.

The rules and expectation, I’d broken them all.

I was told to forgive and for the most part I did.

Mama said never hate, so I’d just bite my lip.

I’d held back my thoughts for all my life.

Because it seemed to me,

 no one really wanted advice.

They just wanted you to listen

or say that sounds nice.

But I’m dead now and so are my fears

Along with all the lies I’ve told over the years

I’ve been called home, to a place I can’t wait to see

But no more tears now… I’m finally free.

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