Scraped elbows and jump ropes,

Hopscotch and high hopes.

Jungle gyms and schooldays,

Popsicles and sunrays.

All the joy of days gone by,

Not a worry or care or reason to cry.

Candy and sweets and birthday wishes,

Love and hugs and momma’s kisses.

These are the memories we hold dear,

The glory of our formative years.

We all long to be young and free,

To frolic and dance in jubilee.

As always, time shall pass

Age and wisdom will amass.

So do one thing, if you could,

Remember the joy of child—hood.

And if your youth was not as described,

Then I ask, that you provide

For a youth, not unlike yourself,

A sense of joy and emotional wealth.

If youth escapes you, God forbid

Remember what it was to be a kid.

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