Before she left,

She grabbed her, mace, her taser, and her gun.

She shared her location and made her way out the door.

Then she called me as she walked to the car.

Because in truth, you never know.

The last time, those men tried to take her,

But she managed to slip from their grasp.

I’m thankful that I didn’t lose her that day.

I asked her if she was okay.

She lied and said she was,

But I knew she was scared out of her mind,

And rightfully so.

She never leaves after sundown anymore

And she makes sure to never walk alone.

Sometimes she calls me to talk to her when she walks past guys,

If for no other reason than to show that someone will notice that she’s gone.

But the other men still bother her,

Cat-calling and offering rides,

Hiding their intentions behind hospitality.

I tell her be weary; there’s no such thing as a gentleman.

Always watch your back: never let them get behind you,

Hit the weak points: Knees, eyes, genitals

Never sit in your car in parking lots,

It’s important to look aware,

If you’re in trouble use the code word

And If I hear it, I’ll come running.

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