When he left, I told him to be careful,

Don’t speed or break any traffic laws,

Avoid conflict if you can

Because it won’t turn out in your favor,

Try not to stand out too much,

It’s straight to work and back home,

Don’t be a hero,

Because I’d hate to see you on the news,

If they pull you over don’t say anything,

Keep your hands visible and don’t move a muscle,

If they arrest you don’t fight back, even if you’re right,

“I’m not just gonna take it.”

I snapped.

I can bail you out, but I can’t bear to bury you,

He got quiet after that.

He looked at me for a moment

Then he kissed me on the forehead

And flashed that same bright smile he always does before he’s leaves the house.

He told me everything was gonna be okay.

That’s what he always says,

But neither of us ever believe it.

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