Desire vs. purpose

There are two reasons people do things.

There’s desire and there’s purpose.

Desire is 11th round pick, D3, such and such.

Purpose is game 7, down 2, Kobe in the clutch.

Desire is 3 seconds left on the shot clock, you let it fly, and air ball.

Purpose is 1998 Jordan vs Utah.

Desire is down one, PG on the closeout.

Purpose is dropped 40 in two quarters, straight blowout.

Desire is 12 rounds, split decision, and a loss.

Purpose is Tyson round two, left hook, and he falls.

Desire is supplements, protein, PEDs and still get smoked.

Purpose is World records, 2008, Usain Bolt.

Desire is no way, you can’t, it’ll never be done.

Purpose is the Dodger select #42 Jackie Robinson.

Desire is next time kid you just missed the trials.

Purpose is back to back to back- Simone Biles.

Desire is if I work hard enough maybe I’ll make it.

Purpose is I was born for this ain’t no way they can take it.

But in truth hard work pays off. If you keep at, you’re bound to develop

 Just remember to always move with purpose. Chase your dreams and never give up.

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