A Day in the Life of Death

Death sat at his desk engulfed in his work.

He hunched over several ledgers as he scrupulously minded his figures.

He took extra care to ensure that all the books were balanced.

Last week he had narrowly avoided an audit.

Every now and then he would peek up from his glasses to type a figure into his calculator then he’d go back to minding his books.

When the numbers didn’t add up, he would let out a shriek and wave his scythe.

Then a wicked giggle would creep from what were once his lips as the books became balanced again.

Satisfied with his numbers for the day, Death rose from his desk.

Clad in a baggy black suit that hung off his lithe frame, he marched to the center of the room and positioned himself in front of a large TV.

It displayed all the happenings of the world.

There had been a tsunami in Japan and an outbreak of a new disease in Europe. America had gone to war again and Death let out a deep sigh.

His eyes then moved to the bottom of the screen as he followed the ticker displaying various figures.

On it were numbers preceded by two or three capital letters.

One read JAP 4.3, another read EUR 54.2 the last read US-ET 71.4.

He looked at the numbers and began scratching his chin before giving a broad stroke of his scythe and watching the numbers return to zero.

By now, he had loosened his tie and removed his glasses as he often did after a hard day of work.

Exhausted, he decided that the day had come to an end and it was time for him to depart.

He watered the large plants sitting on either side of his desk before grabbing his coat and retiring to his home for the evening.

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