Real Life

I feel like I’ve been getting by.

And by and by, I feel like I’ll be feeling like an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth.

I feel like I’ll be trading blood, sweat, and tears for only a half truth.

I feel like the dream may have been a bit deferred, and like a raisin I’m shriveling in the sun.

But I can’t find my Harlem- My safe haven where like minds fill each other’s cups to slake the thirst that leaves us ranting and raving.

I feel like were all seeing things a bit different.

With different lenses and prescriptions, living different dream with different descriptions.

I feel like the bottom face on a totem pole- face stretched in stress from all those ahead of me and I long for the day where I would stand tall smiling at all the faces that looked down on me.

I feel like doing whatever it takes to be exactly what I wanna be.

I guess…I just feel like…things feel like…a lot more…like real life.

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