Somewhere between not quite well-adjusted and resigned to fate lies a breed of person.

A person who wants so desperately to succeed that it keeps them up at night

but not so much that they’re willing to relinquish passion or purpose for public approval.

They and anxiety are on a first name basis, but since we’re all a bit anxious, let’s call it normal.

So, no one says a thing and we shuffle along waiting for a chance to show what we’re really made of.

But I think we’ve all known for a while that

desire isn’t enough.

No amount of longing will make us anything other what we’ve always been

And the recipe for the remedy is a 2-parts work ethic and 1-part knowledge with a dash of  luck.

And we’ve all known the formula for a while, but that doesn’t make it any less of a kick to the gut when we don’t quite nail the proportions.

Or when we nail them down to the last milligram but no one’s willing to take their medicine.

So now we’re just burnouts?

Overloaded from code switching or too pedestrian to cross any lines we’re back to square one.

Wanting to succeed so desperately that it keeps us up at night.

But not so much that we’ll relinquish passion or purpose for public approval.

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