faust’s ballad

If ever there was a more clever man

He could not have been of this world

His mind a whip from top to tip

How it cracked and curled

Brilliant and bright, try as he might

He couldn’t make sense of it all

So he sat silently-stealthily,

that he might appear healthily.

He sought to defraud the heart.

A man on a mission,

A war of attrition,

His life had yet to start.

Until he met a young lady

hand in hand,

woman and man,

Love had made them crazy.

The years yet passed and age amassed

And the duo fell to one.

Empty inside his love had died.

It seemed his time was done.

No love to speak of

And alone in his thoughts

On and on he fought,

Heart grown taught,

All for naught,

He died right there on the spot.

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