Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun!:Could Iruma Make a Viable Case for Demon King?

For those of you who may not be familiar with it, Welcome to Demon School Iruma-kun! Follows Iruma Suzuki, who after being sold to a demon by his parents, attempts to adjust to life in the underworld. The primary conflict of the series hinges on the fact that Iruma is a human surrounded by demons who have largely misinformed ideas about what humans are like. But with that bit of house keeping out of the way let’s address the issue at hand.

For the students of Babyls Academy, the ultimate goal is to reach the rank of Yod. Only then may they become the demon king. As the seat sits empty, the question of who will take the throne is a constant topic of contention. However, the most likely candidate may not be a demon at all. Six episodes into season 2 and Iruma has shown a remarkable level of success as a student at Babyls. So much so, that he may have a legitimate claim to the throne should he choose to pursue it. Considering Iruma’s charisma, ability to produce potent magic (thanks to The Ring of Gluttony), and his relation to Sullivan, he is in a prime position to take the throne. Sullivan’s status as one of The Three Great Demons would catapult Iruma into contention should he decide that he wanted to pursue the throne. With the unveiling of Wicked Iruma in the most recent episodes, it’s apparent that he has the necessary leadership skills to serve as a ruler. While Iruma is far from a polished demon, he’s proven to be ahead of his classmates having already reached the rank Gimmel.

Still, the fact remains that Iruma has no magic of his own, which significantly limits his combat ability should he ever be without The Ring of Gluttony.  Even with the series’ heavy foreshadowing, the idea of Iruma reaching a level of power comparable to that of a demon king on his own seems like a hard sell. I suppose viewers will simply have to wait and see how thing progress (my money is on a training arc).

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