En Garde

En garde”said the woman

“Allez” said the man

The two knights moved forward

Sabers in hands

The man lunged forward

With impeccable stance,

The woman quickly parried

halting his advance

The young man smiled

Pleased with her actions,

Riposte called the woman

Now gaining traction

The man stood froze, stunned by her cunning

The two stood quiet, neither one running

They readied themselves for what was to come

The ending near, soon the battle would be done

The silence broke as the man yelled Fleche’!

The woman responded in kind, calling out Quinte’!

The steel of the sabers sang in the morning mist

Embroiled in battle their bodies did twist

The man lay disarmed, bereft of protection

The woman atop him, he offered no objection

“My advance has been halted” The man said with a grin

“I wouldn’t say that” Said the woman leaning in

As the knight’s lips met they shared a brief kiss

They stripped of their armor and disappeared in the mist.

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