Ain’t I somebody?

Don’t my blood count for nothing?

Can’t I be a man without ya dogging me?

Can’t I holler like the horns in the big band when the song gets real good?

Can’t I stand up real tall daring the world to bring me down?

Don’t I deserve to believe life ain’t just for jail cells?

Ain’t we more than 312 seasons?

How many times the world done laid you low?

I done had my share.

Sometimes I get a mind to stay right where the world left me,

But before I do I get to thinkin…

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could be somebody that the old

folks could chat over on Easter Sunday?

And they could say “Yvonne boy did good”

While they nod slowly – beaming at the thought.

If it’s to see the smiles on ya people’s face,

If it’s to let the world know it ain’t beat ya yet,

If’ it’s the only thing you know to do,

Ain’t it worth getting up one more time?

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