Here comes Geminar?

Nearly 30 years later, the Tenchi Muyo! series is back with another edition. Writer and creator of the vast Tenchi Muyo meta-verse, Masaki Kajishima has enamored long-time fans yet again. This time with the 5th season of the long-running Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki series.  Season 5 focuses on the same lovable cast of characters that viewers [...]


You’re allowed to dream in color ya know? And you don’t have to belong to the hands that hurt you. Gnawing. Gnashing. Kisses taste like pennies these days And hugs are far too intimate Prodding. Prickly. Happiness moved to Atlanta to be an actor But Indifference is right where it’s always been...providing, keeping a roof [...]

My Top 5 Anime of all Time…so far.

It’s a point of division amongst the anime community and it seems to be the basis for an endless debate. What is the best anime of all time? I am by nature a reasonable man and I understand that the issue of the anime pantheon, like anything else, is that it is heavily opinionated. So, [...]

faust’s ballad

If ever there was a more clever man He could not have been of this world His mind a whip from top to tip How it cracked and curled Brilliant and bright, try as he might He couldn't make sense of it all So he sat silently-stealthily, that he might appear healthily. He sought to [...]


The city ain’t the safest place to be Concrete pavement dirties quick And after a while all the buildings look a bit run down Some of the people there aren’t entirely in control of their faculties And everyone seems to wish they were somewhere else There’s a certain squalor in every metropolis worth mentioning It [...]

Spanish Moss

Back home I'd always see the tall oak trees muddled with Spanish Moss. To the passersby they added to the charm of the city-  a certain southern appeal To me they fed an uneasiness deep within- an instinctual dread Seeing the clusters hang like strange fruit from the strong outstretched branches. They, having been worn [...]


I can never see the picture clearly. The edges are burnt, or the film’s been distorted either by time or with the heat of the memory. It's  certainly not nostalgia that gives those days a kind of sepia filter. Back then the sun’s gaze never faltered and the bright white cement beneath us only served [...]

Round My Way

From time to time I’d hear gunshots But they never registered as anything other than white noise They were like chirps from baby birds overzealous to fly Young bucks with buck shots tryna do more than get by I’d ask my mom why they did it and she’d reply “Them boys start acting up when [...]

Glass Days

The Old folks would always tell me look out for days like this. The glass days, where even the slightest provocation could leave you shattered, Where you become rigid from it all being too much for much too long, When you can’t hide the hurt anymore and passersby see right through you. The days where [...]


Somewhere between not quite well-adjusted and resigned to fate lies a breed of person. A person who wants so desperately to succeed that it keeps them up at night but not so much that they’re willing to relinquish passion or purpose for public approval. They and anxiety are on a first name basis, but since [...]