Before she left, She grabbed her, mace, her taser, and her gun. She shared her location and made her way out the door. Then she called me as she walked to the car. Because in truth, you never know. The last time, those men tried to take her, But she managed to slip from their [...]


I still remember the street where I grew up. It was a wide street dotted with small houses, A concrete road speckled with spots, Pieces of gum and blood stains from when we fallen and scraped our knees, And patches and plates used in lieu of re-pavement. I can still see the street sign. It [...]


Tonight, we ride! We ride for souls lost, We ride for battles yet fought We ride for the thrill of the chase, Tonight, we ride! We ride for love yet found, We ride for sights never seen, We ride for truths unknown, Tonight, we ride! We ride for the days we were unable, We ride [...]


Scraped elbows and jump ropes, Hopscotch and high hopes. Jungle gyms and schooldays, Popsicles and sunrays. All the joy of days gone by, Not a worry or care or reason to cry. Candy and sweets and birthday wishes, Love and hugs and momma’s kisses. These are the memories we hold dear, The glory of our [...]

Post-mortem confessions

The day I died I looked to the light. I hang over my body as my loved ones cried. I’d lived a good life or at least I’d tried. I’d did my best in most regards. I’d help others and did what was right. At times though, I’d stray from the light. But to be [...]


I packed a bag once. In it was my life: A small laptop, A journal, Some pens and a pencil, A knife, A lighter, Some weed, the essentials, Some Dr. Pepper, My phone, And every charger I’d need, My wallet, Some snacks, My favorite books and my keys, I walked out the door, Unsure where [...]


I met a woman in days gone by.  She’d care for me and worry too. I could never conclude as to why, this woman did the things she’d do. To me one day she posed a question. "Tell me what you want," she said. Is it money..love… perhaps affection, or for your desires to be [...]


when I was a small child full of life I looked to the sky where the dark met light As I gazed at the contrast filled with awe I saw day meld with night as dusk was born Though ephemeral, its presence was proof That for one brief second, the lovers met And produced a [...]

Removing the Disguise: Where Your Dream Lies

The modern creative, whether they be painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, or musicians, don’t enjoy the peace of mind that many professions provide. That’s not to say that you can’t make a living producing your own creative works, but the road is certainly more treacherous. Where many professions have clear paths to employment (specifically those involved [...]