How do I articulate this moment  In this moment: You’ll have left us You’ll have found your self In these seconds, and minutes You’ll find in yourself so rich an experience Any metric would fail to measure it     This is: Where nothing turns into something Where the manifest destiny of the cosmos meets […]


Ain’t I somebody? Don’t my blood count for nothing? Can’t I be a man without ya dogging me? Can’t I holler like the horns in the big band when the song gets real good? Can’t I stand up real tall daring the world to bring me down? Don’t I deserve to believe life ain’t just […]

En Garde

“En garde”said the woman “Allez” said the man The two knights moved forward Sabers in hands The man lunged forward With impeccable stance, The woman quickly parried halting his advance The young man smiled Pleased with her actions, Riposte called the woman Now gaining traction The man stood froze, stunned by her cunning The two […]

Love Ultra

Love, what a fine feeling… To have one to call your own. But for one who loves love, One love could never be enough. Perhaps polyamory provides a better possibility. But how could love be so perverse? Twisted and tangled in the heartstrings of so many. For the love of all things just and righteous, […]


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A word from the Artist

I’m a recent graduate with a B.A in English looking to further develop my creative writing.

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