Spoken Word?

Hello all. Recently I tried my hand at writing a piece more inclined towards spoken word. I had a good time writing it and putting it to music really made me feel like the work came to life. So, now I feel a desire to perform a piece live. I know that’s not quite feasible [...]


I packed a bag once. In it was my life: A small laptop, A journal, Some pens and a pencil, A knife, A lighter, Some weed, the essentials, Some Dr. Pepper, My phone, And every charger I’d need, My wallet, Some snacks, My favorite books and my keys, I walked out the door, Unsure where [...]


when I was a small child full of life I looked to the sky where the dark met light As I gazed at the contrast filled with awe I saw day meld with night as dusk was born Though ephemeral, its presence was proof That for one brief second, the lovers met And produced a [...]

Removing the Disguise: Where Your Dream Lies

The modern creative, whether they be painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, or musicians, don’t enjoy the peace of mind that many professions provide. That’s not to say that you can’t make a living producing your own creative works, but the road is certainly more treacherous. Where many professions have clear paths to employment (specifically those involved [...]


Photo by kat wilcox on Pexels.com James had always been a kid that stuck to himself. He was sarcastic, brutally honest, fiercely private, and smart as a whip, a combination that seemed to be the perfect formula for a life of solitude. Of course, that suited James just fine (more out of necessity than preference) [...]

The Pen

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, so we write and we scribe. Others raise their weapons and one by one we die. Still we persist we scribble and jot. Now they brandish their weapons. What fury we've wrought! "How are we to win, if we don't ever fight?" We do my child, [...]

When the World Went Quiet

When the world went quiet, we were all surprised. It didn’t end how we'd planned or how we’d surmised. There was no nuclear war no racial strife, no food shortages just massive loss of life. The people just dropped off never showing symptoms. One moment you’d love them the next you’d lose them. A generation [...]

The Setup Part 4

Things are starting to breakdown They’ve started arguing Turning against one another The food still isn’t ready And the bathroom is still occupied Empty bellies and full bladders tend to make one less partial And the kids are here now The shouts and cries of toddlers are the soundtrack of my discontent I’ve managed as [...]