The Setup Part 3

I’ve been driven into a small room It’s a bit stuffy but at least it’s quiet (door barges open) They’ve found me! “Come to the living room” “We’re having fun” “Do you want a drink” No. I manage to get them to go. But I still hear the footsteps and voices A whisper outside the [...]

The Setup Part 2

It’s getting crowded now. (I don’t like crowds) More people are pouring in And it’s getting louder. I’m struggling to find a space for myself. And the questions are starting to come How are you? What’s your name? How’s school; what’s your major? The usual questions. I’m still not having fun. I’ve managed to find [...]

The Setup Part 1

I don’t know what I was expecting. They said there would be food and drinks. They said I'd have a good time. They said there would be people I knew. But so far, I’m still waiting. I’m still hungry. I’m still thirsty. And I’m not having fun. I’m as lonely as I was when I [...]