Take them in your hand, Your brushes, your canvas, your easel, and palettes Paint your picture with oils, with knives and malice Create a visage so vicious as to tilt the balance- What the common man believes comes of what he sees. Create the narrative, an image, shape what they perceive And brushstroke after brushstroke [...]

Real Life

I feel like I've been getting by. And by and by, I feel like I'll be feeling like an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. I feel like I'll be trading blood, sweat, and tears for only a half truth. I feel like the dream may have been a bit deferred, [...]

Icarus Loading

The difference between flying and falling is style-  Bodies of people who didn’t quite cut it litter the pavement. I wonder if they knew all they needed was a smart coat or chic haircut to survive? A certain palpable confidence and sense of swagger keeps disaster at bay. If they’d only flashed a sly grin [...]

Poem 1

Hearts don't beat, they sing. They sing love songs when they think they've found their match, and they compose rustic blues pieces when that match sings a different song. They sing up-tempo power ballads when they make good on their dreams, and they rap on rhythmic beats when they crave reinvention or a sense of [...]

The Blues

I'm too colorblind to sing the blues. I'm more of a grayscale kind of guy. It tends to match with most situations. They say don't look at things in black and white. There's a gray area to everything. My eyes took that advice a bit to the extreme. But I still dream of the day [...]

Spoken Word?

Hello all. Recently I tried my hand at writing a piece more inclined towards spoken word. I had a good time writing it and putting it to music really made me feel like the work came to life. So, now I feel a desire to perform a piece live. I know that’s not quite feasible [...]