The Gift

As I lay across the floor, from my body life did pour. My time had come or so I thought, I was neither happy nor distraught. My mind clear awaiting my fate, but to my surprise death was late. I lie awaiting the dreaded guest, ready to journey at his behest. But it seemed he [...]

A Day in the Life of Death

Death sat at his desk engulfed in his work. He hunched over several ledgers as he scrupulously minded his figures. He took extra care to ensure that all the books were balanced. Last week he had narrowly avoided an audit. Every now and then he would peek up from his glasses to type a figure [...]

Desire vs. purpose

There are two reasons people do things. There’s desire and there’s purpose. Desire is 11th round pick, D3, such and such. Purpose is game 7, down 2, Kobe in the clutch. Desire is 3 seconds left on the shot clock, you let it fly, and air ball. Purpose is 1998 Jordan vs Utah. Desire is [...]


Fall in line. No lives shall be lost under my charge. Pay heed to the rules as I have outlined them. There shall be no tomfoolery. You shall not take vittles after the appointed time. Be mindful of your volume. If you offend, you shall be reprimanded. You shall complete all tasks as instructed. If [...]


I was raised in this nation and at a very early age I knew the power  my skin held. It held sway over people. It could in an instant make me the object of scorn or the recipient of several rounds of gunfire. It allowed me to shapeshift.  In fact, it could make me any [...]

Know means no

They claim to know me. They say because I’m a man all I want is one thing, and because I’m a Virgo I think I know everything, and because I’m not rich I must  have nothing . They claim to know me. What do you mean? Who are you to claim you know anything? Have [...]

On the avenue

We walk the streets looking for devilment, as we move to the music of the city: The whoosh of cars gone by and the screams of people too inconsequential to pay any mind, “He’s must be on that dope or his mind must of left em long ago.” The buzzing of the tall signs and [...]


As I traversed the land, bag in hand, I sought a space, a novel place, Where I could belong, do no wrong, Find a wife and build a life, Knowing few, start anew, Till the soil, daily toil, Modest pay, day by day, Through blood and bone, one day own, With heart and hand, purchase [...]


When he left, I told him to be careful, Don’t speed or break any traffic laws, Avoid conflict if you can Because it won’t turn out in your favor, Try not to stand out too much, It’s straight to work and back home, Don’t be a hero, Because I’d hate to see you on the [...]