Round My Way

From time to time I’d hear gunshots But they never registered as anything other than white noise They were like chirps from baby birds overzealous to fly Young bucks with buck shots tryna do more than get by I’d ask my mom why they did it and she’d reply “Them boys start acting up when [...]

Glass Days

The Old folks would always tell me look out for days like this. The glass days, where even the slightest provocation could leave you shattered, Where you become rigid from it all being too much for much too long, When you can’t hide the hurt anymore and passersby see right through you. The days where [...]


Somewhere between not quite well-adjusted and resigned to fate lies a breed of person. A person who wants so desperately to succeed that it keeps them up at night but not so much that they’re willing to relinquish passion or purpose for public approval. They and anxiety are on a first name basis, but since [...]


Take them in your hand, Your brushes, your canvas, your easel, and palettes Paint your picture with oils, with knives and malice Create a visage so vicious as to tilt the balance- What the common man believes comes of what he sees. Create the narrative, an image, shape what they perceive And brushstroke after brushstroke [...]

Icarus Loading

The difference between flying and falling is style-  Bodies of people who didn’t quite cut it litter the pavement. I wonder if they knew all they needed was a smart coat or chic haircut to survive? A certain palpable confidence and sense of swagger keeps disaster at bay. If they’d only flashed a sly grin [...]

Poem 1

Hearts don't beat, they sing. They sing love songs when they think they've found their match, and they compose rustic blues pieces when that match sings a different song. They sing up-tempo power ballads when they make good on their dreams, and they rap on rhythmic beats when they crave reinvention or a sense of [...]

The Blues

I'm too colorblind to sing the blues. I'm more of a grayscale kind of guy. It tends to match with most situations. They say don't look at things in black and white. There's a gray area to everything. My eyes took that advice a bit to the extreme. But I still dream of the day [...]